Many of our guests add a grizzly bear viewing day trip with Tide Rip Tours before or after they join us kayaking. Grizzly bears are not normally found on Vancouver Island but are regularly seen on the nearby mainland coast. The most popular and reliable location for watching grizzly bears is at Glendale Cove in Knight Inlet.

Early in the year grizzly bears are seen in the estuary feeding on sedges and grasses as well as flipping inter-tidal rocks looking for tasty seafood.

From late May to mid June is the mating season with lots of interesting interaction. The big boars chase the not-too-interested females, displacing other bears along the beach.

Mid July is the season of cubs scrambling along behind their mom as they first explore their wilderness home. Mom is very protective of her cubs as she teaches them bear survival.

By the end of August and into September the salmon are running at the river mouth. The bears are chasing the fish around in the low tide pools. Each bear has its own preferred fishing technique. Some like to stand in a riffle and pounce when an unsuspecting salmon goes by. Other bears run around trying to corner salmon against the bank. As the salmon begin to head up stream  to spawn the larger grizzlies stake their claim to the top fishing spots, growling off any newcomers.

The grizzly bears are viewed from the safety and comfort of big flat bottomed viewing boats. Their shallow draught gets you in close to the action, but not too close. A good pair of binoculars is recommended.

Adult Prices:
$299 per person plus 5% GST – June 1st to July 31st.
Other currencies – £ GBP / € EUR / $ USD.

$340 per person plus 5% GST – August 1st to September 30th
Other currencies – £ GBP / € EUR / $ USD.

Child Prices (10 to 16 years old):
$280 per person plus 5% GST – all season.
Other currencies – £ GBP / € EUR / $ USD.

How to Book: When booking your Kayak With Whales – Orca Waters Base Camp tour let us know you would like to add the grizzly bear viewing option the day before or the day after your kayak tour and we will take care of the rest. A $100 deposit is required to reserve your spot on the grizzly bear tour and the remaining balance is due at the same time as the balance for your kayak tour.

Details: The grizzly bear tour departs Telegraph Cove at 6:45 am, you travel by a covered 12 passenger boat up Knight Inlet to the viewing area at Glendale Cove. From late August through September the departure time may be adjusted slightly earlier or later to improve viewing opportunities based on the tides (check in with the office the day before the tour to confirm departure time).

Telegraph Cove is a 25 minute drive from Port McNeill, if taking a taxi you should arrange it the night before the trip. The boat ride from Telegraph Cove to Glendale Cove is approximately 2 hours. Time will be spent viewing bears in the morning from the flat bottom viewing boats. Lunch is provided back at the float where the large boat is tied up and you will have another opportunity to view bears after lunch. The tour ends back in Telegraph Cove at approximately 4:00 pm. Due to chance of bumpy sea conditions this tour is not recommended for pregnant women, people with bad backs, or children younger than eight.

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